Happy New Year!

It’s great to be back after a very lovely Christmas and New Year.  As always the festive period was filled with plenty of fine food and copious amounts of prosecco; there really is no better way to celebrate.


Celebrations aside it was also rather lovely to put my feet up and start making plans for the year ahead.  Fortunately I did get a new moleskin diary for Christmas so I spent many an afternoon scribbling away in my treasured black book.  I was also lucky enough to receive two new interior books as gifts: Selina Lake’s Winter Living and The Shopkeeper’s Home by Caroline Rowland.  They are both fabulous and jam packed full of inspiration, I highly recommend them to anyone with a passion and love of interiors.


Our virtual shelves will be filling up over the next few weeks with more handmade gifts and we’ll be preparing for our first market of the year in Altrincham.  With so much to look forward to we can’t wait to share it all with you!




Autumn Market Days

We had another fabulous day at Altrincham Market on Saturday.  We took our beautiful wares and embraced the Autumn air by showing them off alongside chopped logs and glitter dipped acorns.  We even unleashed a few festive wares for our early Christmas shoppers.


Shabby chic homeware



Our next market is on 31st October and it promises to be even better with even more Autumn/Winter wares still to be revealed, I may even bring a pumpkin in honour of Halloween.

Here’s a reminder of our Christmas dates;

Saturday 21st November 2015

Full weekend 29th/30th November 2015

Full weekend 5th/6th December 2015

Sunday 13th December 2015

We’d love to see you there Xx

DIY : Upcycled lamp

Whilst browsing the aisles of my local DIY store recently, I came across something totally amazing, Rustoleum Textured Spray Paint. Impressed but slightly dubious, I decided to invest in this can of stone-like paint and set off home, pondering what I could possibly transform.  It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I realised I had the perfect upcycling project in my living room, this old purple lamp.

I started this project by first applying a white primer spray to the lamp.

It took just a few light coats and an hour or so to touch dry before I was ready to get on with the exciting transformation.

Photo 22-08-2015 09 09 42

After a good shake of the can, I carefully sprayed the lamp in an up and down motion, paying particularly attention to the grooves at the top. It took about 3-4 coats to evenly cover the lamp. I allowed it to dry for 15 mins between each coat and then I left it to dry for 24 hours. The effect was amazing!

The next task was to cover the lampshade. Armed with my chosen fabric, a pencil, scissors and some double sided tape, I set to work and this was the result.


I am thrilled with this lamp and thoroughly enjoyed turning it to stone.  Xx


Introducing some rustic charm to the Sweet Mabel shop…..

Rustic, Garden, Shabby Chic, home accessories, Plant pots, birdhouse,
Rustic Charm

We have some exciting new wares which are now available to buy. We’ll also be taking some special handmade treats to Altrincham Market on the 23rd May 2015.  So if you’re local to Manchester, pop down and say hello!

Herb Markers, Handmade home, Sweet Mabel Handmade, Rustic Herb markers, Garden, Plant accessories
Handmade Herb Markers
£3.95 for Set of Five
Plant pots, Vintage plant pots, rustic garden, candle pots, garden candle,
Vintage Style Candle Pots
£3.95 each
Herb Markers, Vintage style homeware, French Glass Bottle, Shabby Chic flower stool, Shabby Chic heart
Wooden Flower Stool ~ £12.95
Vintage Style Glass Bottle (Various designs available) ~ £2.95 each
Dove Grey Herb Markers ~ £3.95 each (Set of Five)
Bed & Bath Range Teacup tealight ~ £3.95 each Hanging White Bell with Hearts ~ £2.95 each Vintage Style Pink Photo Frame ~ £4.95 Jewellery Box ~ £8.95
Bed & Bath Range
Teacup tealight ~ £3.95 each
Hanging White Bell with Hearts ~ £2.95 each
Vintage Style Pink Photo Frame ~ £4.95
Jewellery Box ~ £8.95

All products available from http://www.sweetmabel.co.uk

Altrincham Market

On Saturday, we took Sweet Mabel and her wares to Altrincham Market and what a lovely day we had. The sun shone all day long, the atmosphere was buzzing and we met some lovely customers and fellow stall holders.

It was our first market of the year and our first time as a stallholder in Altrincham.  Having been many times before as a customer it was really rather strange to be stood on the other side of the table.







If you are local to Manchester and have not yet been to the newly transformed market then I urge you to pay them a visit.  There is an abundance of independent eateries to feast your eyes upon, not to mention the beer and wine bars. It’s a wonderful place to catch up with friends and family and enjoy some fine food and drink, or do a little shopping around the bustling outdoor market.

You’ll find a wonderful selection of independent retailers all offering something a bit different with a friendly face and a more personal touch.  Each weekend the theme changes, here’s a list of what to expect from the outdoor market.

Alty Line up

Fingers crossed, we’ll be back there again soon with our vintage style homeware and gifts.