Sweet Mabel is a lovely little independent retailer brought to life by Emma.  A vintage lover, homemaker, dilly daydreamer and supporter of things British and handmade, she lives in Manchester with her husband where she creates some of Sweet Mabel’s items from her cosy little home. Her passion for vintage is reflected in the items she makes and the treasures she likes to collect.

Sweet Mabel brings you a collection of home accessories, home furnishings and gifts including handmade and vintage homeware all inspired by Scandinavian, shabby chic and country style.

All of our wares are sourced with a beautiful home in mind, offering you a range that compliments our own handmade designs.  All items are made with love, passion and attention to detail.  Each piece will vary slightly but we feel this adds to the unique beauty of a handmade product.

 We offer unique, high quality vintage goods and give them the love and attention they need,  believing in the romance of giving an old object a new lease of life in a warm and loving home.  This is reflected in our furniture pieces that are restored and upcycled so they can be enjoyed for many more years to come.  

As Sweet Mabel is a lovely little shop you can guarantee a friendly, personal service.   We love to hear from our customers and welcome any enquiries you may have.



16 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Tag, you’re it!

    Hi Emma! I am stopping by to let you know that I tagged you in a blogger game called Blog Tag. It is a game for fun to encourage communication and interaction within the blogger community. Why I chose you? I chose you because I want to share some joy with you. And that is important: It is supposed to be fun, no duty. If you feel called to participate, that is great. If you feel called to not participate, that is great. 🙂

    To find out more please take a look at this link to my blog post:


    You’ll find the full information, there.

    Much love,

  2. Hi Emma,
    Glad you’re following my blog! Your blog looks lovely, looking forward to reading your future posts. Your blog seems to be filled with all my favourite things!
    Thanks for following my blog!

  3. It took me awhile to get here, but I’m so glad I did! Your blog is absolutely stunning. Love all the beautiful photography. Did you shoot it all yourself? Thanks for following me! ~M.

  4. How lovely to be the proprietor of your very own craft shop, wonderful! I found you as a recommendation in my Reader and thought I’d pop in. I’m having so much fun. I follow another dear girl in the UK with similar interests, she posts as The Pyjama Gardener. PJ has 2 lovely kitties (me too) and also gardens and bakes…anyways, she’s absolutely adorable and you might enjoy her. Good luck in your new shop.

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