Sweet Mabel Website

After many weeks and many hours spent hunched over my computer working on the website, I am very pleased to announce that it is finally up and running. Hooray!!!!

We now offer a collection of beautiful shabby chic home accessories brought together with our very own handmade furnishings, ready to adorn your home. So please pop on over and have a mooch around, there is lots to see. Hear are a few images to wet your appetite.

Photo 03-08-2014 11 25 53 smaller

Photo 03-08-2014 11 47 02

Photo 03-08-2014 12 07 10 smaller






2 thoughts on “Sweet Mabel Website

  1. Congratulations, it looks lovely! I’m slightly in LOVE with that powder blue coffee pot, it’s gorgeous!! My boyfriend’s English parents just mailed me over some sherry glasses that are very similar to your vintage dessert bowls as well. Beautiful stuff – following you on Facebook now, it could be dangerous!!

    1. Thank you, very pleased to finally have it up and running. Oh I do love a bit of vintage, have found some more treasures to add to the site this week. Can’t wait to get them on there.
      Thanks for the Facebook follow, I’ve just popped over to your lovely page, there are some delicious looking cupcakes over there. Yum!! Looking forward to seeing more of your recipes. X

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