Furniture revamped: Old photo frames

I have been pondering for weeks how I could use my Annie Sloan ‘duck egg blue’ tester pot.  As you may know, I am now a huge fan of this chalk paint and slowly but surely everything in my house that can be painted, will be painted eventually.  I have had these frames hanging on my wall for years, they were a bargain when I bought them and I’ve enjoyed the original style but I think it’s time for a change.  They received their makeover at the weekend and I love the result. In fact the ‘duck egg blue’ compliments the pictures of the birds nicely.

Photo 26-05-2014 12 30 21

Photo 26-05-2014 12 30 46

Photo 26-05-2014 12 30 33

Photo 26-05-2014 15 57 58 (1)

Photo 26-05-2014 15 57 44 (1)

Photo 26-05-2014 15 54 19 (1)

Photo 26-05-2014 15 57 26 (1)



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