DIY Easter egg garland

Easter is in the air and what better way to help you celebrate than to decorate your home with lots of loveliness. As the seasons change and celebrations occur, I like to put up new decorations and take down the old.  It’s nice to keep your home feeling fresh and as I love making things it means everything can have its moment of glory for a little while.
At the moment my Easter egg garland is taking centre stage along with my hand painted eggs which I have hung from branches of pussyfoot willow.  It looks incredibly pretty in my open fireplace and is very well suited to the Easter holidays.

Photo 30-03-2014 14 50 23

Here is an easy DIY about how to make your own Easter egg garland.

You will need;

Pretty papers or thin card.  A mix of pattered and plain both work well.

Egg shaped template – I used a cookie cutter.



Need and thread

Sewing machine

First, use your egg template and draw on to your chosen papers.  You will need 4 or 5 shapes per egg, cut them out and place to one side.

Photo 09-04-2014 18 24 59

Photo 09-04-2014 18 30 18

Now take 4 or 5 egg shapes and place them on top of one another. Using your sewing machine sew down the centre of the egg and keep the machine running so there is a gap until the next egg is ready to be sewn.  try and keep the gap between the eggs the same.

Photo 11-04-2014 11 00 32

When you have used up all of your shapes make sure you have enough thread at the end of the garland to create a loop to hang.

Photo 11-04-2014 11 08 06

Now all you need to do is fan out the sheets of paper on the eggs to give you a 3d shape.

Photo 11-04-2014 11 11 29

If you want to create a single hanging egg then pile 4 or 5 shapes as before and staple twice down the centre of the egg shapes.

Photo 09-04-2014 18 34 34

Using a needle and thread, make a hole at the top of the egg and sew in a loop to hang.

Photo 09-04-2014 18 38 52

Photo 09-04-2014 18 40 55

Finish it off by fanning out the papers to make a 3D egg.

Photo 09-04-2014 18 36 17

Photo 09-04-2014 18 43 35

Photo 11-04-2014 11 18 56

Photo 12-04-2014 10 21 01



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