A way with Pomegranates

Photo 02-02-2014 15 26 27

Photo 02-02-2014 15 28 00

Photo 02-02-2014 15 46 05

Photo 02-02-2014 15 55 19

Photo 02-02-2014 15 49 31

Photo 02-02-2014 15 51 20

Photo 02-02-2014 16 00 10

Photo 02-02-2014 16 00 57

Photo 02-02-2014 15 55 48

I have always had a fascination with pomegranates, I think they are a rather beautiful fruit.  They have a round and firm exterior but inside it is jewelled with berries bursting to get out.  I have never been very sure about what to do with a pomegranate apart from add it to salads so I’ve done a bit of research and found some tasty recipes.

You could also add the berries to a baked camembert or with Shrove Tuesday (4th March) in mind, why not add them to some ice cream and sandwich between your pancakes!


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