A perfect day.

On 3rd January I married my wonderful man at Manchester Town Hall, after a year of planning and stressing over guest lists, menus and even tea lights I couldn’t believe our day had finally arrived.  I loved every minute of it, from decorating the evening venue in the morning, getting my hair and makeup done over lunch (helped along by a little fizz and sushi) to slipping into my beautiful dress and obviously meeting my handsome man at the end of the aisle. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so many emotions all at once and we were so overwhelmed with happiness.  I had face ache the following day from smiling so much.
getting ready with mum
A few tips If you are planning a wedding this year;
·          No doubt in the lead up to your wedding day you will have so many ideas and plans but don’t fret if you don’t have time to do everything. There were lots of things I didn’t get round to doing but I didn’t miss a thing.  As long as you have your guests, some good food and music then everything else is just a nice little extra.
·          You don’t need to spend a fortune to have an amazing wedding day.  We had a small budget so I made most of the decorations, family bought the extras for my outfit for Christmas and birthdays (perfume, jewellery, bag etc) and we chose food to suit our budget.
·          Try to chill out during the few hours before you leave to get married.  We stayed in a lovely hotel so I had time to relax with a glass of fizz and some nibbles whilst I had my hair and make-up done.  That truly was a treat; if you do have the money to spare I highly recommend getting your hair and make-up done professionally.  Unless you have a talented friend who could do it for you of course, visit the make-up counters in department stores, they’ll show you what to do and give you all the advice and make up you need.
·          Make the most of having photos taken; it’s wonderful to look back at them when it’s all over.  We weren’t keen on having many formal shots  so we kept them to a minimum but our photographer did a great job of capturing us with friends and family when we were relaxed and enjoying ourselves. 
·          Enjoy every minute; it really will be the best day of your life! 

7 thoughts on “A perfect day.

  1. Emma – my best wishes to you and congratulations to your husband!
    I got married in start of December 2013 – so the joy I feel for you is enhanced by my own experience.

    Much love and a happy life together,

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