A suitcase fit for a wedding

In preparation for my own big day which is only a 6 weeks away, scary!!!  I have been collecting many different ideas for decorating the reception venue, moving away from the traditional and focusing on a vintage theme.

Old suitcases seem to be incredibly popular at the moment and I have fallen in love with the way they can be used for a place to put your wedding cards.

You can pick up an old suitcase relatively cheap from flea markets and car boots.   However, if you’re impatient like me and can’t wait for your next market then Ebay is your best bet.

Isn’t it a beauty!  It’s very old and dates back to the early 1900’s but I do love it’s charm.  Unfortunatley it is a bit grubby inside even after a wipe down, so I have lined it with some gorgeous ivory paper.

There are many tutorials on the internet that show you how to reline a suitcase with paper or even fabric.  However, I just got stuck in using some double sided tape,scissors and with a bit of trial and error it worked a treat.  One thing I would say is make sure you measure all sides of the suitcase and work out how much paper you need.  Even though I did do this I was still left a bit short around the edges and had to touch up with some small pieces of paper.  Fortunately due to the pattern of the paper you can’t really tell.

Photo 01-10-2013 17 44 42Photo 01-10-2013 17 46 55Photo 01-10-2013 17 45 06Photo 05-10-2013 15 28 09Photo 05-10-2013 15 28 20Photo 05-10-2013 15 27 36Photo 02-11-2013 17 00 42


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