DIY Tutorial: How to line envelopes.

This is a lovely idea if you’re making your own invitations for a party or wedding.  I recently did it for my wedding invitations and thought it finished them off beautifully.  Obviously it’s much less time consuming if you only have a few to do but it is a simple task that is well worth the effort.

You will need:


Deorative paper (I printed my own pattern to match my invitations)



Double sided tape. (It’s much easier with one of these dispensers.)

First, take your envelope and make a template out of card.

Photo 05-08-2013 19 31 09

Do this by drawing around the envelope on to the card with a pencil.  Then cut out with scissors.

Photo 05-08-2013 19 32 05

Leave a 1 cm gap from the top of the envelope so not to cover the sticky seal around the flap.

Photo 05-08-2013 19 36 52

Choose your pretty paper and draw around the template on to the paper.

Photo 05-08-2013 19 39 19

Cut out and you should have your envelope liner.

Photo 05-08-2013 19 41 25

Slot into the the envelope and fold the flap over to make a crease in the paper.

Photo 05-08-2013 19 44 52

Glue the top of the paper to secure to the envelope.

Photo 05-08-2013 19 45 28

Press down to make sure it sticks.

Photo 05-08-2013 19 45 44

Ta da!!! Now it’s ready to send.

Photo 05-08-2013 19 47 56


4 thoughts on “DIY Tutorial: How to line envelopes.

  1. I did this for my wedding invitations as well and they just turned plain old envelopes into something glamorous and interesting. Really great detail in invitations not to be overlooked! ~M.

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