A Vintage fair at Victoria Baths

On Sunday I went somewhere that I has been on my list of places to visit for a long while and it just so happened that there was a rather wonderful Vintage Home Show on at the same time.  I heard about the fair on Twitter ofcourse (the best way to keep up with what’s going on) and decided it would be the perfect time to go.    
I wasn’t disappointed just overwhelmed by the wonderful choice of vintage paraphernalia on offer.  There was furniture, ceramics, textiles and even some gorgeous handmade items.  I loved it and will definitely be going back to purchase lots of goodies when it comes back in October.
After a browse about the many stalls I went for a wander around the very impressive Victoria Baths, aka Manchester’s water palace. 
Victoria Baths served the people of central Manchester for 87 years and established themselves in the affections of all those who used the facilities.
I could have spent hours just meandering about the upstairs flat, the Turkish baths and the empty swimming pools.   The details were beautiful, especially the green tiles and stained glass windows, I just loved how the building was steeped in history.  I shall leave you now with some photographs from my visit and a promise that I will be back to visit this beautiful building.
For more information about Victoria Baths you can visit their website here.
Photo 09-06-2013 12 40 13
Photo 09-06-2013 12 13 54
Photo 09-06-2013 12 13 48
Photo 09-06-2013 12 09 06
changing rooms
Photo 09-06-2013 12 16 09
Photo 09-06-2013 12 09 01
Photo 09-06-2013 12 24 41

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