Gatsby Fever

Last Thursday, I went to see ‘The Great Gatsby.’  There was so much hype about it I had to go and see it as soon as it hit the cinema and thankfully I wasn’t disappointed.  It certainly was a little quirky but that is what you would expect from a Baz Luhrmann film.  I LOVED the costumes and I must say I was captivated throughout by Leonardo Dicaprio (well, he is a beautiful man after all.)  I absolutely love ‘the twenties’ era and am hoping to apply some of this theme to my wedding in January.  Fortunately, Gatsby fever has hit the high streets and there is plenty of inspiration to be had.  Here is a moodboard of my favourites that I have come across recently.




You can find links to all of these images on my Pinterest Gatsby board.

Are any of you planning a Gatsby style wedding?



3 thoughts on “Gatsby Fever

  1. We also saw Gatsby last weekend. Right, quirky but delicious. The sets and costumes were to die for. I love the style of the 20’s too. I was in a vintage shop in San Francisco two weeks ago on Haight & Ashbury that had the most amazing collection of 20’s fashion. If you ever find your way there, don’t miss that part of town. I think the wedding attire you’ve highlighted in your post is stunning, have fun.

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