The tea cup of pretty

This darling little tea cup and saucer was found in my local charity shop.  I love the pretty pink floral pattern which has been beautifully designed by Alfred Meakin.  Unfortunately when I got it home I noticed a very faint crack on the side of the cup so I won’t be drinking my tea out of it.  I’m still undecided about how to use it, one idea is to plant a small succulent plant or flowering cactus in it but for now it will just sit pretty in my living room.
If you have any ideas about what do to with this little gem please let me know, I‘d love to know what you think.
Photo 10-03-2013 16 10 58
Photo 11-03-2013 20 14 38
Photo 11-03-2013 20 15 18
Photo 10-03-2013 16 10 16

6 thoughts on “The tea cup of pretty

  1. If the crack doesn’t go too far down & with a little florists foam you could fill it with flowers.  Lovely table decoration for a wedding breakfast! 

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