A weekend in Yorkshire!

On Sunday I came back from a lovely weekend in Cropton, Yorkshire. We stayed in a charming little cottage with friends which was conveniently situated next to a cosy pub.  Before we arrived in Cropton we drove to Whitby for the best fish and chips by the sea, they were delicious even if we were being stalked by some very fat seagulls.  We spent the rest of the day feeling very full so we stayed in that evening with plenty of booze and a good game of Monopoly.

On Saturday there were a few sore heads so we thought we’d blow away the cobwebs with a wintery walk.  We discovered a nearby woodland full of beautiful Autumn leaves, it perked us up a treat.  Later on we did a brewery tour which was just opposite our cottage.  I don’t really drink much beer and certainly don’t know much about it but it was really interesting.  Our guide was excellent and very engaging, considering it was only her second time I thought she did an outstanding job.  So if you are ever in that neck of the woods make sure you stop by and try some local beers.  Lastly there was cake, a delicious coconut loaf waiting for us when we got home.

Now it doesn’t get much better than that!


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