Bonfire, fireworks and a new creation


I love this time of year when the autumn leaves decorate the pavements and there is a chill in in the air which means I can reach for my chunky knit scarf and wrap up warm.  That is exactly what I did with my family on Friday night when we went to the local bonfire and fireworks display.  Even though they kept us waiting in the freezing cold for over an hour it was worth the wait to see the spectacular fireworks light up the sky.  Then it was back home to the smell of a delicious coq au vin stewing in the slow cooker. Perfect!

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog over the past week as I have had my hands full making lots of lovely festive things for my shop.  I also had to find the time to make this colourful fella for my dad.  If birds aren’t your thing then I will help you out, he is or should I say supposed to be a green woodpecker.  He is the only one I’ve made so it was a bit sad to say goodbye but as I’ve taken lots of photographs I’m pretty sure I could make another if I need to.

I wanted to give him an official name but thought I should leave that to his new owner.  However, if he were mine he’d be called Gary.  Don’t ask me why, I just think he looks like a Gary, don’t you?


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