DIY tutorial: Glitter dipped munchkins

When I saw these adorable munchkin pumpkins in the supermarket the other day I couldn’t resist, I had to buy them.   I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them at first but then it came to me.  I’ve spent the last week working on my Christmas decorations which has involved sprinkling white glitter EVERYWHERE, it seemed obvious to me to carry on with this and cover my pumpkins in glitter.  Conveniently I had bought a tub of gold glitter not so long ago without any purpose at all (as you do) so that worked out quite nicely.  I then thought it would be pretty cool to make them in to tea light holders.  I’m obsessed with lighting candles at this time of year so two extra holders would be very useful.

You will need;

Munchkin pumpkins (available from most supermarkets in the UK)
PVA glue
Sharp knife
Tea lights

Apply a layer of glue to the pumpkin.  I coated the bottom of one and the top of the other but it’s up to you.

Make sure the layer is fairly even.  I kept quite a clean line around the pumpkin but you could make it more jagged to look like drips if you prefer.

Hold the pumpkin by the stalk and dip it in to a bowl of glitter.

Give the bowl a shake and turn the pumpkin around so that the glitter sticks to all of the glue coated areas.

Give the pumpkin a little shake to remove any excess glitter.

If you are adding glitter to the top then sprinkling it over the pumpkin maybe easier.

Leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Once dry, take your tealight and place it on top of the pumpkin.  Using a pen or pencil, draw a rough line around the tea light to use as a guide.

Using a sharp knife (be very careful) cut out the circle and remove any unnecessary pieces of pumpkin from inside.

Place your tea light in to the hole, it should fit nicely.

Now they’re ready to light!

Have a happy Halloween!


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