Corners of my home: Craft room

A recent trip to Ikea meant that I could give my craft room a little makeover with some new stationery, picture frames and yes, paper pom poms!!  I was thrilled to discover that they had a rather large area dedicated to pretty stationery, gift wrap, stickers and ribbon, I was in heaven. 

After a good tidy up and the addition of some box files to keep my papers in order, I now feel a bit more organised.  I used my collection of washi tape to stick some of my favourite pictures to the wall.  I love sitting in my crafty retreat surrounded by all the wonderful things that inspire me.


5 thoughts on “Corners of my home: Craft room

  1. Can I please come and sit in a corner of your beautiful craft room? I will be very quiet I promise and I’m very tidy…my craft room is my eldest’s old bedroom and still as a cacophony of pirates on the wall, you have inspired me to give it some love and paint. Wonderful blog by the way.

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