Holiday fun

I’m back!!

Well what can I say, I had a wonderful holiday in the Lake District and we have certainly overdulged in a lot of delicious food and drink.  The Olympics have inspired me to get a bit fitter and start being a bit healthier (I certainly need to after our indulgent holiday), so I’m feeling quite refreshed and excited about getting back to normality.  Here are a few photographs from my time away. The Lake District really is beautiful, there is so much of it to see that we’ll simply have to go back and do it all again.

Watching some Olympic fun in Manchester.

A trip to Elterwater near Ambelside and a hilly walk to Grasmere.

Today is the last day of my holiday sadly but I’m dedicating it to doing Sweet Mabel things which means I’m as happy as can be.  Oh and I’m about to go and put a chicken and chorizo stew in the slow cooker so it really doesn’t get better than that.
Have a lovely day!

Emma xxx


8 thoughts on “Holiday fun

  1. Thank you for this breathtakingly refreshing retreat time. I love the ‘getting back to regularity’ lilt in your journey description. Chicken pot cooking sounds great. Love, love, love the pics. Thanks for taking us along for the ride, walk, lounging along the Olympics leg of your holiday journey. Amazing! *_*

  2. Very interesting photos! Have you thought about giving your photos titles (in the upload section), so when a reader hovers their mouse over them, they can find out more info, such as location?

  3. The lakes are just the best apart from when you are at the top of Helvellyn and have to come back down!!!

    Chicken and chorizo stew, come on we need the recipe it sounds delish and right up my street!!

    Jane x

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