Forget Me Not

Apologies for being a bit quiet on the blog front this week.   I’m still here crafting away, making owls and and planning some exciting blog posts for next week.

I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about you so I thought I’d share my beautiful forget me nots.  Possibly my favourite wild flower, they are slowly rearing their pretty lilac heads. 

They always remind me of my lovely nan.  When I was little I used to trample around her garden and pick all of her forget me nots and put them in little glasses around her house.   I shall be doing the same with these beauties when they’ve grown a bit more.

I do hope you have a lovely weekend, I will be catching up with a bit of gardening and I quite feel like baking a cake y’know.

See you on Monday

Emma xx


7 thoughts on “Forget Me Not

  1. Beautiful, funny enough they always remind me if my grandma. She told me a story whilst walking along side a river bank covered with forget-me-knots about how they got their name and it’s always stuck with me. Such lovely little flowers.

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