******* Coming soon! *******

I have some exciting news to tell you all…….

It’s been in the pipe line for a while and after much research, planning, making and organising I am finally at a stage where I can reveal all.

Sweet Mabel is opening an online shop!

You will find me on Etsy alongside some wonderful little shops.  I will be selling my handmade owls which happen to make perfectly lovely gifts by the way and I promise you, they are very well behaved.  There will be greeting cards and gift tags available too and providing all goes well I hope to add many more beautifully handmade things.  I will keep you updated with the official opening day but for now, here’s a sneaky peak of what to expect.20120617-203657.jpg20120617-203706.jpg

Emma xxx


10 thoughts on “******* Coming soon! *******

  1. Congratulations, that’s fantastic! I’ve been meaning to ask you for ages if you could make me some more of those lovely little greeting cards you did before, I’ll be keeping an eye out for those! xx

  2. I live your photos Emma : )

    The Lupins and so on… looks like a Monty Don book ! Anyway you made me smile.

    I wish I could do one about my garden. Was it easy?


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