It’s all about home grown

Recently I’ve been giving my little garden some much needed attention, digging up the weeds, making room for a small veg patch and sowing lots of seeds. Thanks to the mix of sunshine and rain that we’ve had lately my flower beds are slowly coming to life.

I’ve become obsessed with making structures out of canes, my sweet peas should enjoy climbing them though.

There are some pretty blooms too…..

No culinary garden is complete without some herbs…….

My cucumbers sit on the windowsill, they can join the rest when they ‘re big enough.

I can’t wait to plan some tasty meals for my veggies, I’ll keep you posted.

Emma xxx


81 thoughts on “It’s all about home grown

  1. I have been working on cultivating an entire garden on my porch! It is fun to see real earth gardens, and also to see what people can do with little pots and smaller spaces. I recently saw a picture of a porch garden with a wall that was made of a metal netting material- and it was great for vines to climb on, and the person even had pots and shelves hanging off of it! Such a cool idea if you ever wanted more vines 🙂 I love how your garden looks- the perfect place to read a book and nibble on mint 🙂

  2. Your garden looks so awesome! Did you build that little bed? I have raised beds, but I may have to add one next to my house with some old bricks…did you mortar it yourself? Love it!

  3. Lovely photos. What a great way to foster a garden in your space. I love the photos of the seedlings just started to break free into plantdom. We all need a little green (and flowers) in our lives. Thanks for posting and congrats on the FP!

  4. Beautiful pics! I’m a little late getting started but I want a garden on my apartment’s deck. Right now I have only one beefsteak tomato plant but it has two little tomatoes on it!!!

  5. Your garden looks lovely, and your cucumber plants so healthy – just watch out for slugs when you plant them out (speaking from bitter experience here!).

  6. Last summer my husband and I bought our first home, it was too late to start a garden then so we waited until this year. So far everything I’ve planted seems to be doing quite well but seeing as how this is my first go at gardening I could use all the expert tips and advice I can get! I have enjoyed your posts tremendously and look forward to reading and learning more from your posts! (I’m also new to the blog world and while looking for inspiration came across your site, looking forward to reading more!)

    1. Thank you so much, how lovely you are. I’m still very new to gardening myself, I just like to experiment, it’s all about trial and error in my garden. So pleased you are enjoying the blog! xx

  7. Unless we have room for a huge garden and tons of free time, few of us can raise more than a fraction of the food we’ll ingest in the year. So the effort of gardening pays off in many other ways — starting with the revelation of how truly fresh produce tastes in contrast to industrial supermarket versions. At the same time, I come away with gratitude for the abundance we have throughout the year as a consequence of those commercial growers who keep the supermarkets stocked.

    I could also point to the heightened awareness resulting from the many, many varieties you can choose to grow — one year, my wife created a plate of at least a dozen different kinds of tomatoes, and I was amazed how different each variety tasted. That, in addition to the seasonal changes of the palate as early varieties appear and then fade as other varieties begin proliferating.

    And that’s even before we get to lessons in patience, wonder (pro and con), and grace. Even before saying grace at the table.

    In this project, even small can be beautiful. Keep up the encouragement.

  8. Found you on F/Pressed. Glad I got to see your beautiful seedlings and flowers, nice photography. I have slowly started to mix a few veggies with my flowers hoping for harmony. This year I added Peppermint to my potted flower mixes. So far so good, they are trailing from the baskets and give good texture and a nice color. Plus I can use it for tea’s and such. Thank’s for sharing your wonderful post.

  9. Love your garden ideas, Now retired enjoy my vegetable & flower gardens. I save my seeds from the perinials & they continue to please me every year. I love a wildflower garden, just throwing the seeds around & watching it grow. God is so good!!

  10. We just enjoyed our first sweet pea harvest. They don’t even make it into the house, the kids just head to the garden for snack time. I love it. Definitely planting more next year.

  11. I just bought 2 plants recently and do not know how to maintain them…I have a basil and need tips..all I know is that they need water :/

  12. Reblogged this on Under an Artichoke and commented:
    It always seems like such a quiet miracle to me to plant these nondescript little specks in soil and watch them peek up and then grow. I love spending a Saturday morning sitting out and reading or writing among pots and planters of edibles with the pavement still wet underfoot from watering the plants.

  13. now is it tea on? I am sure there are several of us who would enjoy a cup of tea and conversation and to see your beautiful little garden up close.

  14. Love this. Your pictures are delightful and it’s my experience that home-grown, fresh vegetables and herbs really do just taste so much better in recipes. Thanks for sharing your gardening experience.

  15. I absolutely love growing herbs, they really freshen up rooms and the garden, and mint grows really fast, once it’s there you’ll have no problem keeping it. I managed to grow mangetout (pea pods) and runner beans last year, and as long as you stake them up early and tie them with some twine, they’ll grow wonderfully. Don’t forget to pinch out the side shoots of tomato plants to encourage the growth to be directed to the fruits. Hopefully you will be getting a lovely bumper of crops this year, lovely photographs too!

  16. Great pictures and blog!
    Looks like a perfect garden 🙂
    Home grown herbes and vegetables are always better than the ones you buy in the supermarket…

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