DIY Tutorial: Jubilee Food Flags

We are days away from celebrating 60 years of dear Queenie’s reign and I’m very excited about the prospect of a little garden party.  There will be lots of delicious food, plenty to drink and ofcourse there will be bunting!  My contribution to the party will be some party nibbles, I had wanted to make something that fits in with the Jubilee theme but it’s proving difficult.  If only I had been in charge of cakes and deserts, Eton mess and Victoria sponge would be on the cards. 

So to jazz up my party food I have made some Union Jack food flags and I’ve made a template for you too.  They are very easy and take no time at all to make, they also look pretty fabulous on cakes too.  The cupcake pictured just so happens to taste of Old English toffee and is utterly delicious, it has been beautifully made by my good friend Wendy.

All you need:
A4 Paper or card
Cocktail sticks

Firstly, click on the template above and print it out.

Cut out the six flags and fold them in half. 

Place your cocktail stick in the crease of the paper/card and glue one side of the flag. 

Fold over the other side so that the cocktail stick stays in place.

Ta da! Your Jubilee food flags will make any table look festive.

Even Marjorie’s waving the flag!


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