Sunshine Yellow

Hurrah!  The sun has finally come out to play.  Despite having to work full time in a sweaty office, I have been making the most of the sunshine on my lunch breaks and have been taking advantage of some nice, early finishes.  A quick dash home and I can be sat in my back garden in half an hour.  Marvellous!

There are downsides to beautiful sunny weather ofcourse.  It makes me lazy and I don’t get anything done which can be infuriating when you have a long list of jobs to do.  However I have been very strict with myself this evening, I’ve had my half an hour in the sunshine and shortly I will be tackling my long list of jobs.  But first to celebrate this fine weather, here are a few cheery pictures to finish off another gorgeous sunny day!

{Taken from Pinterest}

Yellow flowers

Summer goodness

Yellow cupboard

Willow photograph

Starfruit drink

Yellow staircase


4 thoughts on “Sunshine Yellow

  1. This is the prettiest collection of photos! I especially love the willows.. Makes me want to put on a sundress & sip lemonade. 🙂

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