DIY: Doily Bunting

Bunting has become all the rage recently but why not do something different and make your own with some pretty paper doilies.  There are so many different designs, shapes and sizes to buy you could have a lot of fun with this.  They would be perfect for a vintage style tea party or even a wedding, you can hang them inside or they’d look beautiful outdoors in the sunshine! 

I don’t need an occasion to hang mine, I love them too much so they are adding a touch of decoration to my living room and office.


To make yours, here’s what you will need:

 8 paper doilies folded in half (Size and colour optional)

Sewing machine



Using the sewing machine begin to sew along the straight edge of the doily. 

When you reach the end keep it running to leave a few inches of thread between each doily and repeat the step with the rest of your doilies,  allowing a bit of excess thread at each end.   


Tie the ends in to a loop so that they can hang.


Gorgeous!  And it only took me ten minutes to make. Xx


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