Meet the Owl family

You may be aware that for some time I have been a busy little crafter creating owls from pretty papers and wire.   It started as a one off gift idea at Christmas and soon became much more.  Inspiration grew and before I knew it my head was brimming with ideas for many more owls and a family was created.  After much tweaking, remodelling and much hesitation as to whether they were any good at all, I can finally say that I am happy with them and I’m ready to show the world.

I’ll introduce you….

Meet Oliver, a shy baby owlet.  First born of Marjorie and Horace.  Likes wiggly worms.

Meet Horace, very hardworking and wise.  Loves a juicy toad and is the father of Oliver the owlet.

Meet Marjorie, mother of Oliver the owlet.  Likes to keep things tidy and has a weakness for a plump shrew.

The family portrait.


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