DIY tutorial: Jewellery dish

You may remember at Easter I bought some clay and made some rather sweet bunny baskets.  Well I had some clay left over and decided to have a go at making some jewellery dishes.  I’d previously seen variations of these dishes on a few different blogs and sites and they looked incredibly simple to make.

Here’s what you need to do………….

Firstly, you will need;

A block of air dry clay (depending on how many dishes you want to make, you’ll need less than a quarter of a block to make one.)

Sharp knife

Rolling pin

Piece of pretty lace

A glass (I used a Martini glass)

Paint such as acrylic

On a smooth surface take a piece of clay and knead it with your hands until soft. Gently flatten the clay out using a rolling pin, it needs to remain quite thick as you will roll it again shortly.  Take a piece of lace and lay it on top of the clay.  Now use your rolling pin to gently roll over the lace until it leaves an imprint in the clay.  You want the clay to have a thickness of about 0.5cm.

Using a round dish as a template (size is upto you), carefully cut out a circle using a sharp knife.  Mind those fingers!

Use the knife to gently lift the clay from the surface and place very lightly into a glass.  Make sure the glass is big enough for the clay to sit in comfortably, this should give the dish a nice curve.  Remember not to apply too much pressure though or you won’t be able to get the clay out once it’s dried.

Leave to dry overnight then paint your dish with a thin colour of your choice.  I used a watered down acrylic to make it a brighter white. 

Job done!  Easy peasey and you’re left with a pretty little holder for your rings and earrings, lovely!


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