DIY tutorial: Upcycled Ikea drawers

So it’s been a rather wet and windy weekend which meant I had a great excuse to stay indoors and get cosy.  I had been allowing this horrid weather to get me down last week, until I realised that this is the perfect time to catch up on some much needed blogging and crafting.   I must apologise for the lack of posts lately, I have been some what distracted with other things and I think I’ve been suffering from writers block as I haven’t been able to think of a single thing to tell you recently.  Thankfully I’ve pullled myself together now and regular blogging will resume.

I thought I’d start the week by sharing this amazing DIY tutorial that I discovered over the weekend.   I think it is a fabulous way to update a boring but useful piece of furniture. 

I had a quick gander at Ikea’s website and found this version of the updated drawers above.  All you need to do is apply some wood stain and a sealer, then attach some brass plated card holder pulls.  Genius!  I think I’d find these drawers very useful indeed, they could be home to all sorts of crafty bits and bobs.

Now I have even more of an excuse to visit Ikea

I found this fabulous idea on The Painted Hive, you can view the full tutorial here.


One thought on “DIY tutorial: Upcycled Ikea drawers

  1. love this idea, have lots of basic idea boxes and storage and i love the idea of making them look so different. I think the next wet day will see some variety in my home storage. brilliant idea thanks

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