Carrots from the Easter bunny

The Easter bunny has been busy preparing his sweet filled carrots to deliver this weekend. If you’d like to make your own, follow these simple steps.

You will need;

Square piece of cellophane (approx 25 x 25cm)
Square piece of orange tissue paper (approx 15 x 15cm)
Cellotape rubber band (optional)
Green ribbon
Mini eggs

Take the square piece of cellophane and lay it flat on the table. Place the orange tissue paper on top of the cellophane and align it in the bottom right corner.

From the bottom right corner, fold both the cellophane and tissue paper in half to make a triangle.

Then fold it over half way to the centre of the triangle and secure this with a piece of cello tape.

Fill the cone shape with mini eggs until you reach the top of the orange tissue paper and fold over the eggs to secure them in place.

Scrunch and twist the cellophane, I have secured this with an orange rubber band but you could just use ribbon if you prefer.

Tie the green ribbon round the rubber band if using and fan out the cellophane above.

Attach a gift tag if you wish, I have cut out my tags using a bunny shaped cookie cutter but you could use any shape.

These carrots would be perfect to use around the garden as part of an Easter egg hunt for little ones.

Have a fabulous Easter weekend everybody!


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