Some Easter inspiration

Happy Monday my lovelies! 

Are we all feeling happy, relaxed and maybe even a bit tanned after this beautiful sunny weekend? I was completely unprepared for this kind of weather with no summer clothes to wear and a list of jobs to do in the house.  But it was all ok in the end, after a bit of scrambling around my wardrobe I was suitably dressed and well, the list of indoor jobs has had to wait.  I’ve been out for a couple of little walks and have been sat in the garden making some more little owls, a very pleasant way to spend the weekend.  Sadly today I must return to work and sit in a hot and sweaty office but I sense a few early finishes will on the cards if this weather keeps up!

Easter is less than two weeks away and I have a few little projects to be getting on with before the choc filled weekend arrives.  If you are in need of a little inspiration or would like an Easter themed project, here are a few ideas taken from Pinterest that should keep you busy in the build up to Easter.

Decorate some eggs – Click here to see how.

Make a beautiful hanging arrangement – Click here to see how.

Plan some delicious food – Click here to see more lovely ideas from Dietlind Wolf

Make a centre piece for your table – click here to see how Martha Stewart does it.

I like to a spend Easter with my family, we are all dotted about the country so it’s nice that we all come together every year and have a big old catch up.  It always involves lots of nice food,wine, laughter and good cheer.  And chocolate ofcourse!

How do you like to celebrate Easter?  Do you have any exciting traditions?  I used to love a good Easter egg hunt as I child, oh why do we have to grow up!


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