November Print

If you follow me on twitter then you may already know that I received an adorable little package last week, all the way from Malaysia.   Don’t you just love it when you get home from work to find that a sweet little parcel has landed on your doormat, even better when it’s pretty like this!

You may find this a little strange but rather than tearing it open in a frantic bid to see inside, I propped it up on my kitchen table and made myself a brew.  You see, I thought it was so pretty that I thought the joy should be savoured.  I gave in as soon as I sat down with my cuppa and carfeully opened it to find my beautiful new ‘thank you’ stamp from November Print.  It came with a free gift too, a little ‘hello there’ stamp which I am absolutlely chuffed to bits with.  These little lovelies are going to be put to very good in use in a little project I have going on.

November Print is a gorgeous Etsy shop where each stamp is delicately hand made.  I think it may have a awoken a bit of an obsession and has left me wanting many more.  I went out at the weekend and bought a few inkpads so obviously I NEED more to match.

I just can’t decide which one to buy next;

A custom design of my own name……..

A bit of lace ……….


Have a browse of some more lovely stamps in November Print’s Etsy shop, here.


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