Weekend in pictures – gardening and Mother’s Day

As usual I’ve had a busy weekend, it seems to have disappeared in a flash.  Why oh why can’t three day weekends be the norm.  The Formula 1 season started again on Friday, we love it in our house so it meant that a couple of early starts were on the cards. (Yes, I actually got up at 4.30 am on Sunday, bleary eyed and ready to ogle/cheer on my favourite man Mr Button.)  Thankfully he made it worth my while by winning the race, hurrah!  And ofcourse or perhaps more importantly it was Mother’s day, my man was in the kitchen cooking up a delicious pie whilst his mum and I sat and guzzled wine.  Happy days!

Here are a few pictures from my weekend;

Busy, busy, busy in the garden with lots of seeds to sow.

Look what I bought after a successful trip to my local craft shop, lots of bits to play with.

Finally, Mother’s Day celebrations involved lots of wining and dining.

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend being spoilt or maybe you were doing the spoiling?  I’d love to know how you celebrated Mother’s Day.




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