Twit twoo – Oliver the owlet

Just a quick post to introduce you to Oliver the owlet.  He has been perched on my bookcase for a couple of weeks now so I thought it was time he made his debut on Sweet Mabel.
You may remember Herbert the first owl that I made as a gift last Christmas.   Well he was such a joy to make and I was so pleased with him that I found myself wanting to make more owls.  I’m still tweaking their overall look, as you will see Herbert and Oliver do differ somewhat, especially in size.  However, that is partly due to Oliver being a baby owl you see.
Since Oliver was created I’ve found a better way to the make their beaks out of wire,  I also want to experiment with different papers to make each owl individual.  Anyway I’m going to keep at it, so you may find that more owls start to appear on here as I get crafty with a bit of newspaper and cellotape.
I’d love to know what you think and any ideas you have are very welcome too. 

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