Learning to knit again

It’s been a long time since I last picked up a pair of knitting needles, infact I’d say it was a good fifteen years!  Crikey!  My nan first taught me to knit and I think I quite enjoyed it but I can only ever remember making scarves. It’s no wonder I stopped knitting, if only I’d open my eyes to all the wonderful things I could have made, I might be a better knitter now. 

I realised some time ago after making a pot of tea, that I really needed a tea cosy.  I thought about buying one ready made as there are so  many lovely cosies about but decided to dig out my old knitting needles and have a go myself.   I found some amazing knitting patterns online and got a little too excited about what I could potentially make.  I only got as far as reading the pattern before I realised that I am a bit out of my depth.  Having never read one before it completely freaked me out but  I will not be defeated.  I need a little more practice before attempting this challlenge but I’m going to stick with it.  Hopefully with a little more help from my mum and my nan I will get there eventually.  Wish me luck!

Some gorgeous tea cosies that have inspired me to knit again.

From left to right.

  1. Raspberry crochet tea cosy
  2. Red roses flower garden tea cosy
  3. Pineapple tea cosy
  4. Rosy tea cosy
  5. Knit shear bliss cosy

6 thoughts on “Learning to knit again

  1. Those tea cosies are awesome, it’s no wonder they’ve re-inspired you to knit. I was taught by my mum and grandma, and had only ever managed scarves. A few months ago, I also wanted to make something a bit more exciting and found making gloves or mittens was a good entry into following knitting patterns and learning about increases and decreases. It might be worth you looking into doing something eaually simple and then building up to the fabulous tea cosy. Good luck x

    1. Thank you for the advice. I have found a simple egg cosy pattern so I’m going to try that first. It may take me a while but I’ll get there eventually. X

  2. I’m planning to learn to knit again too, my auntie is an excellent knitter and showed when I was younger but I too was put off by the idea of endless scarf making lol. There are so many cool things you can knit. I’d also love to learn to crochet…

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