Something to inspire

Hang a pretty mood board on your wall and  fill it with pictures, photographs, fabrics, ribbons and anything else that makes you feel a little bit excited when you look at it. 

You will need:

Basic cork board

PVA glue

Pretty scraps of fabrics or paper

A pair of scissors

Measuring tape

Follow these simple steps.

Measure the sides of the corkboard and cut your fabric/paper to the appropriate length and width, remember to allow a little bit extra either side.  

Apply a good amount of glue to the frame of the cork board and place your fabric on top.  Smooth down  the fabric/paper with your fingers. 

Repeat on all sides of the frame, tucking in the edges and ends as you go. 

Leave to dry and trim off any excess fabric or paper. 

 Attach your chosen pictures to the board with pins and hang on the wall.

You may choose to mix and match your fabrics or keep them the same, as I did.  You could cut your materials into smaller strips or keep them long.


4 thoughts on “Something to inspire

  1. That’s brilliant – I need to get a pinboard for the office but I didn’t know how to make it a bit less… dull – fabric hadn’t even crossed my mind! Very excited about this project 🙂 x

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