Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year!

Have you been doing anything to celebrate this weekend?  This year sees the Dragon take the limelight.

My weekend involved lots of delicious food as usual but sadly no Chinese.  This time of year always reminds me of our six months of travelling which began by celebrating an amazing New Year in Vietnam.  It’s such a beautiful country, a little bit bonkers in places but well worth visiting.  I have collected many happy memories from my tour of Vietnam which I will most definately treasure forever.

So to stick to a theme it’s only right if this week’s Monday must haves are Chinese related.  I found some really beautiful things on Etsy.

Chinese style hanging light - Etsy - £232
Octopus drawing rice bowl - Etsy - £14.60
Chinese lanterns in San Francisco Picture - Etsy - £20
Oriental Chinese porcelain chopsticks -Etsy - £8
Mushroom chopstick rest - Etsy -£3.50

Love the mushroom chopstick rest, they’re so sweet!

While we are on this theme, let me also direct your attention to this lovely recipe on So hungry I could blog.

A recipe fabulous for fortune cookies, I’ve always wondered how they were made.  It’s a great idea if you’re hosting a dinner party, it’d be fun to put your own messages inside.

Have a good week!

Emma xxx


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