Craft room clean up!

I’ve been trying to get the house more organised recently by having a good sort out, so that it’s ready for the new year ahead.  It has proved to be quite a challenge as I love collecting things and can find all kinds of excuses to save empty cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, random bits and bobs.  All of which are put into cupboards and most likely never to be seen again. Well, until the next de-clutter that is.  The worst room in the house is the spare room, aka the office, aka my craft room.  I saw some gorgeous pictures on Flickr recently that made me think I should make more of an effort.  So I chucked a few things out and rehomed some other stuff, it’s still not perfect but it’s better than it was.

My sewing shelf

A cheap way to brighten up a wall with some photographs and a bit of blu tac.
My moodboards
My craft cupboard
Daisy chain

Everything now has a home and it’s certainly tidier, however when I was browsing Pinterest the other day, I came across these images and realised it could still be so much better.

More organisation needed.  Watch this space.   X


5 thoughts on “Craft room clean up!

  1. Gorgeous images, your crafty space looks far more manageable than mine and those photos you found on pinterest, ah! It would be heaven if I could walk into a space like those.

    Hillery from Hand make my life

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