Frosty mornings and a Monday Must have – 16/01/2012

Did we all have a good weekend?

I certainly did, it was lovely to spend it at home as we’ve been away a lot lately.   We had the chance to catch up with friends, eat some lovely grub (this will be appearing on the blog shortly) and we enjoyed a lovely frosty walk on Sunday morning.  The weather has been gorgeous, I don’t mind that it’s cold it makes it even more lovely to return home to a warm house and the smell of something wonderful simmering away in the slow cooker.

Chorlton Ees - Manchester
Needed a brew to warm me up!

So I’m having some serious doubts about these Monday must-have posts you know, they are not doing me any good.  When January is supposed to be a month for penny pinching, here I am getting giddy over things I can’t afford.  This week I have found a rug that I really, really, REALLY want but along with the many other I’d like, is it just frivolous spending?

I found it whilst having a gander at the Urban Outfitters sale.  I’ve bought a rug from here before, I like them because they are a little bit quirky and very affordable (unless you’re still paying off Christmas that is.) This one is only £35 reduced from £65, it’s just what I’ve been looking for to go in my dining room. Decisions decisions!


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