Dreaming of a luxury boudoir

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love our home,  we’ve been here almost a year now and I’m pleased to say that I’ve almost got it looking just right.  It can be very difficult living in rented accommodation if you care about interiors and decoration.  Often you’ll move in to find a mish mash of old furniture that you don’t like and/or don’t know what to do with.  Fortunately we have been very lucky and have been left with some furniture from Ikea; we’ve been able to store the bits we don’t like or need elsewhere.

So when it comes to decorating and making it feel like your home it can be tricky because you have to incorporate the existing furniture into your plans.  For instance, we have a pine dining table which obviously we need but I have quite a lot of hatred for, I just don’t like pine.  So I’ve bought a rather large table cloth to hide it, which only comes off to be washed.  I’ve removed two pine chairs and replaced them with my own DIY project chairs.  I’m on the lookout for two more vintage chairs that I can revamp so I can replace the final two.  I love the mismatched look.

So finally I come to the actual point of this post, my bedroom.  It’s the only room in need of any attention and I have the issue of having our landlords furniture mixed in with my own. Fortunately it doesn’t look too bad and we’ll soon be replacing some of our old furniture with new.  The biggest issue I have with the room is the colour of one wall.   It’s currently a light green/blue and doesn’t look right with our things so we’ve been given permission to paint it; I’m still in the process of choosing a colour and can’t decide between something bold or neutral.  I’m hoping to hang some more artwork and replace some lampshades and bedding.  For inspiration I’ve been scouring magazines and Pinterest  in the hope that I’ll find an idea I like and of course there were plenty.

Really like the two frames above the bed and the shiny furniture
I love the headboard! The colour is amazing.
Adding a throw to the end of the bed gives texture making it feel cosier
A nice light and airy room.
I like the colour on the wall and how it contrasts against the bright white windows.

I dream of luxurious bedding, glam table lamps and a big chair where I can curl up and read my books.   After all when you think about it, it’s possibly the most important room of the house where you begin and end your day, so if you ask me it needs to be a haven of relaxation.


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