Where is the snow?

Last Christmas it was frosty, cold and we were fortunate enough to wake up to snow on Christmas day.  It was beautiful, Mike and I took my mum’s dog Monty for a wintery walk on Christmas morning.  It  felt really festive to get togged up in our hats, scarves and wellies, the sun was shining but the air was crisp and there were only a few people about.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this year but I’ve got lots of things to keep myself feeling festive.  Jobs for today include, building my gingerbread house, icing my Christmas cake and wrapping a few more last minute presents.  We’re going out for a Christmas drink with friends this afternoon so I don’t have a lot of time to get on with it.  Fingers crossed my gingerbread house will fit together neatly (I have a feeling it might look a little wonky but we’ll see).  My Christmas cake should be easy to ice so tomorrow I’ll be able to add the decorations to it.  Here our a few pictures from my first attempt at a Christmas cake last year.

Sadly the stars on top of the trees suffered on the journey to my mum’s.  This year, I’m going for a more traditional theme.  All will be revealed on Christmas eve.  xxx


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