Deck the halls!

Finally my Christmas decs are up and the house is looking beautiful.  I still have a few bits and bobs to tweak before I have visitors this weekend but I have to say I am very pleased with it all.  The tree buying didn’t take as long as last year but we very nearly came home empty-handed because of my indecisiveness.  Thankfully I have a very patient boyfriend who was determined to help me find my perfect tree.  And here it is, I must say that I actually disregarded this tree when I first saw it but now I can’t see why I would.  I love it! It is definitely the tallest tree we have ever had but fits very neatly in the corner of our cosy lounge.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree........
My new acorn decorations from Homesense
Christmas Pud!

Christmas Tipple

It was so nice to come home from work this evening to the sweet smell of the tree mixed with the scent of cranberry candles and my homemade orange and clove pomanders.  It’s most definitely Christmas now!


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