Keep that cold weather at bay!

We moved into our sweet little house in April and so have yet to experience a cold Winter here.  However, after a particularly chilly spell a couple of months ago we realised just how draughty it can be.  We live in a terraced house, with original floorboards , a couple of dodgy windows and some very thin walls.  Despite this, I absolutely love our house and have been trying to find cheap and chearful ways to make it feel warm and cosy.

Here is a simple guide to making your own draught exluder to keep that chilly air out this Winter.

You will need:

A large bag of rice (I used 5 kg for each) I bought mine from  an indian supermarket, much cheaper.

An old pair of tights

Long piece of fabric

Tape measure


Needle and thread

The first thing you need to do is take your pair of tights and chop them in half, so you have two seperate legs.  Take your rice and carefully, without spilling, tip as much as you can into the tights.  I used about 5kg for each leg, make sure you tie a very tight know at the top.

You now have your draught excluder.  To make a cover, measure the length and width of the excluder and cut your peice of fabric to the appropriate size.

Remember to double the width of the fabric and allow a bit extra so you can slip the excluder into it’s cover a little easier. You now need to fold it over and sew along the length of the fabric and then one short side.

Your cover should be inside out at this stage so unfold it  and with a bit of pushing and shoving guide your excluder in.  Then very careully sew across the open end.


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