Happy Monday!

I am recovering from a weekend of decorating (well it was only one wall, but it seemed to take an awfully long time.)  I’ve been wanting to decorate my living room wall since we moved in, as it was covered in dirty marks but as we rent we weren’t sure we’d be allowed. However our landlord said yes and allowed us to crack open the paint this weekend.  After much deliberation I opted for a Flintstone grey, which is quite dark but looks fabulous in our light and airy room.  I was however, unaware that it would need four coats of paint and lots of touching up to completely cover the white paint underneath.  It was quite infuriating when I thought I’d finished and then another white patch would catch my eye.  So now I refuse to study the walls too much so I won’t see any more white specks.  And if you happen to come round to my house and see any then please keep it to yourself.

Here are a few images that inspired me to go grey.

Abigail Ahern
Abigail Ahern
Furniture clue

Each of the images above use grey differently but I think they all look like warm and cosy rooms.  It’s definatley perfect for this time of year anyway.  When I have all my twinkly lights on and my candles are lit, it feels lovely.

Apologies for not delivering any Monday Must Haves this week but I promise that next week it will be even better.  The Christmas markets open in Manchester on Thursday.  I of course will be going for the opening night and also over the weekend so I can take some piccies to share with you all.  That means that as of Thursday I am embracing all things Christmassy, I simply cannot wait any longer.   So I hope to show lots of Christmas gift ideas for the whole family in the next few weeks, along with decorations, things to make and some good hearty recipes.  It’s so exciting!


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