Delia’s mini tarts with two toppings

I started making these last year after borrowing my mums copy of Delia’s Christmas book.  They are so easy to make, involve only a few ingredients and the best thing is you can freeze them and pull them out moments before serving.  This makes them the perfect party nibble as they take only  a few minutes to warm through in the oven.  I always make a big batch about this time of year, so I know I’ve got them on hand if any unexpected guests should arrive.


You will need;

100g butter puff pastry (ready -rolled is perfectly acceptable)

2 tablespoons of mustard, I’ve used English but Dijon if fine too.

4 Cherry tomatoes, sliced into 3

1 Sprig of thyme

a little olive oil

a little flour


A 4.5  fluted cutter and a large baking tray, lightly greased.

Preheat the oven to 200C/gas mark 6.

Begin by rolling out the pastry on a lightly floured surface measuring about 23 x 18 cm.  Then cut out 12 x 4.5 fluted rounds and arrange them slightly apart on the baking tray, then prick each one twice with a fork.

Now spread half a teaspoon of the mustard on each round and place a slice of tomato on top, then dip the thyme sprigs in the olive oil and place one on each canape.  Finally season a little and bake on a high shelf for 18 minutes, until puffed and golden.  Serve warm from the oven or just heated through.


My own creation, this came about from me being a bit lazy and forgetting to go to the supermarket for Parmesan, which is what Delia would use.  Anyway it proves that you can develop your own flavours and experiment with different ingredients.  Parma ham or streaky bacon would also work well here.

Exchange the tomato, mustard and thyme toppings for;

40g hard goats cheese, sliced or cubed

2/3 slices of pancetta, each divided into 6 pieces

small sage leaves

Follow the recipe above and prepare your pastry rounds.  Now add a slice or cube of goats cheese on to each one,  then dip the sage leaves in olive oil and they go on next, folowed by the pancetta.  Finally, season a little and bake on a high shelf for 18 minutes until puffed and golden.

Other topping to try:




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