Snug as a bug

What a busy weekend I’ve had! It’s been full of the usual indulgence of food and drink but with some additional Christmas preparations too.  I know some people do not enjoy speaking about the C word too early but I’m afraid I don’t care, it has to be done.  I started my Christmas shopping at last, I spent Saturday morning browsing around the shops, being tempted by various delightful things and I’m pleased to say it was a success.   So that got me in the mood for some more Christmas baking.  I’ve made some very tasty mincemeat for my mincepies and I now have an abundance of piccalilli, the recipes will follow shortly.

I did manage to make time to do one more thing this weekend, to make a ladybird sanctuary.    I saw this idea in a supermarket magazine and thought it looked quite fun to make, especially for children.  It will keep them busy outdoors over half term and  it’s also very useful for the ladybirds, who may like to move in.

Apparently our ladybirds are in decline this year, with only 10 of the 46 ladybird species living in the UK and Ireland.  This is largely to do with changes in their habitat and climate.  So give them a safe place to hibernate this Winter by building them a simple sanctuary.


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