A memorable day at The Elephant Nature Park

A couple of years ago, I went on a round the world trip for six months.  We visited many places, Thailand being one of them.   One of my most memorable experiences in Thailand was a visit to The Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai.  It is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre where you can visit and volunteer to help.  We went for a day trip to learn all about the work that they do and it was absolutely incredible.

The park’s current herd includes many elephants of all ages that are either disabled, orphaned or even blind.  But they have one thing in common, they have all been rescued by a lovely lady called Lek.  Some of the stories that we heard about the elephants before they were rescued were very moving but made us understand the importance of the work that they do in the park.

One of the most memorable elephants that I met that day was Hope.  He was a very playful and mischevious nellie, who unfortunatley had been given a very sad start to life.  After hearing Hope’s story, it was lovely to see him looking so happy amongst all of his friends in the park.  You can read Hope’s story here.

Me getting a sloppy wet kiss from Hope!

Here is a quick drawing that I did when i got back.  It sits in my living room and reminds me of the amazing experiences I had that day.



7 thoughts on “A memorable day at The Elephant Nature Park

  1. What a beautiful drawing and what an experience to have tucked in to your belt! You can see the mischevious smile on that nellie lol

    Thanks for linking up to the Love All Blog showcase x

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