Abigail Ahern and her beautiful home

This week I thought I’d show you the home of Abigail Ahern, who has to be my favourite Interior designer at the moment.  Abigail’s style is quirky yet elegant but most of all inspiring.  She is famous for her signature style of dark hues and is often encouraging all of her fans to be brave, take risks and  ‘cross over to the dark side.’  Abigail mixes old and new which allows her to display her intriguing creativity.

Her stunning, Victorian terraced home is situated in East London,  where she lives with her husband Graham and dog Maude.   Her time is spent running a successful interior design consultancy and a highly acclaimed shop in London.  She has recently launched a fabulous collection of lights, which resemble a bulldog, poodle, greyhound and a pelican.

All of the images below are courtesy of Todd Selby, photographer and Illustrator.  Check out his world famous project The Selby is in Your Place, featuring houses and apartments of creative people.


And yes, I have fallen in love with the dog, she’s so cute. xxx


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