Rain, rain, go away!

My plan for today was to give the garden a bit of an overhaul.  It’s starting to look very untidy and all my summer flowers seem to be fading away. So this morning, I went to B&Q for some more compost and a few plants to brighten up the garden for Autumn. I felt quite pleased with myself when I got home, so I grabbed my trowel and got to work straight away.

And then the rain came.

So while I wait for the rain to pass, I thought I might as well show you what I bought.  The colours of these plants are making me feel very autumnal and I think they all compliment eachother well.  You will see an ornamental Kale, a couple of heathers, a bay plant, rosemary (perfect for winter cooking) and a few mini cyclamen, which should flower throughout Autumn.  How gorgeous is the ornamental Kale! It just looks like a purple cabbage.

Right, there is a glimmer of sunshine and a bit of blue sky, fingers crossed the rain has passed.

Time to get planting.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  x


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