Donna Wilson Autumn/Winter Collection

Donna Wilson has just launched her Autumn/Winter collection, so I wanted to share some of her quirky homewares with you all.  Donna started her business in 2003, after attending the Royal College of Art, where she made old knitted creatures as part of her final show.  These creatures sold out and she now designs and makes her own collections of ceramics, cushions, Lambswool blankets and a variety of other products to compliment you and your home.

Cushion and Rug
Cups and plates
Wolfie and cushion

The latest collection includes bold geometrics and Icelandic-style patterns in mustards and pinks and contrasting colours such as turquoise and orange.

Two new additions to the menagerie of creatures - Giant teddy and his sidekick Koala.

I just love all of her friendly characters and creatures, it’s adorable how she uses a short description to bring them life.

Wilbur likes pink apples and doesn't like french fries.
Rill is very lively and doesn't stop running around, likes caterpillars and worms. He is Rudie Racoon and Cyril Squirrel-fox's first child.

Her Lambswool knitted blankets look so warm and cosy, they are perfect for wrapping yourself up in on those cold, Winter nights.

Fox Leaf Blanket

To view all of these products and Donna’s latest catalogue, visit her website


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